What's a "Pizza Experience"?
It's a few hours spent forgetting about the nine-to-five routine.
It's breaking the habit of going to the pub and drink a couple of pints, just because you do it every day.
It's quality time spent with your partner, friends or colleagues.
It's a birthday party where, regardless if you're turning 8, 28 or 48, you will enjoy something different.
You get your hands dirty, you surrender to therapeutic power of kneading, you make some dough (the literal one, sorry!) and play with it, you are happy
Team building
Fun time with the family
Pizza parties
My favourite testimonial!

What makes my day is when I make people happy.

What makes my week, and probably my year, is when I make little ones happy.

Kids are sincere, straightforward. If they want to tell you that you suck, then they tell you "You suck", no sugarcoat. I think it's understandable that I was feeling a little nervous when I played this video for the first time, as I knew the feedback  I was about to get from Darcen would be honest.

His Dad sent me this video shortly after the birthday party we had together: I traveled back home with a giant smile on my face.