About Fabio
I think cooking is a great way to show love to those around you.

While working in restaurants and serving people who I couldn't see and who couldn't see me, I felt the lack of human contact. I wanted a better way to share my love for pizza and for food in general, but also for people.

That's why I founded
Fabioulous Pizza and started teaching people how to bake their own happiness. During my live "Pizza Experiences" I've seen families having fun together, partners reconnecting with each other, work colleagues building stronger bonds.

Being the catalyst that brings joy and love in people's lives, even if just for a couple of hours, makes me feel like I have a real, meaningful purpose in life.
Sharing Love
Recently, I had the chance to collaborate with Birtenshaw, a prestigious school that helps kids with learning disabilities, with branches both in Manchester and Liverpool.

I started the project in order to introduce the kids to the work in a professional kitchen, besides helping them with their social skills and a bit of Italian language. Moreover, they also manage their very own in-house cafe and now they are able to offer pizza to the staff of the College!

I went there ready to give everything I have to make this project memorable. It turned out I received more than I gave: the warmth and the love I got were absolutely overwhelming.

During my journey I had to build up and hone my entrepreneurial skills. That's why I joined the Business & Marketing School, here in London where I live.

While learning loads of new things I was also "gently pushed" to apply them...

I like to think that I did it fairly well, since I was given the "Best Content Creator" award. What humbles me, was I also received a nomination for several more categories, including "Most Inspiring Business Person" and "Entrepreneur of the Year".
Fabioulous Pizza - The Book

Since I'm never satisfied with what I do, I also became an author. My first book, Fabioulous Pizza, was an Amazon Best Seller on November 2019, making it in the Top Ten in three different categories:
- Baking
- Italian Food & Drink
- Mediterranean Food & Drink

Although you will fine many recipes and plenty of tips and tricks, it is not a "proper" cookbook. In fact, it highlights in particular the fundamental concepts you need to know in order to bake an excellent homemade pizza, trying to give the reader the mindset of a professional pizzaiolo.